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Teeth In A Day: All-on-Four

Get your best smile back in a day with new fixed teeth

The exciting teeth in a day or same day teeth process is a dental procedure with one simple aim – to give you back your smile in just one appointment. If you have a rotten, damaged, loose or missing tooth, your confidence can take a knock. The All on 4 technique places a whole row of fully working teeth on only four (or six) implants. There’s no closer solution to natural teeth, and it’s all done under local anesthetic with minimal discomfort. You can even return home the same day, after just a few hours’ treatment. What’s more, you’ll be able to talk, enjoy your favourite foods, and generally love life. You’ll literally leave the surgery with a smile on your face!

Teeth In A Day

Who can benefit?

Your dentist will study your dental and medical history to be sure you’ll benefit from the same day teeth solution. But it suits most adults, whatever their age, whether you want to replace one tooth or a full set, so consider All on 4 if:

  • You have completely lost at least one tooth
  • The gnashers you have left are irreparably damaged or significantly decayed
  • Your missing or loose teeth make it hard or impossible for you to bite into an apple
  • You wear dentures, which are so loose they impact your quality of life, so that you’re now keen to have fixed teeth

How does it work?

This popular, effective and proven All on 4 solution is a pioneering way of replacing a whole arch of teeth, either from the lower or upper jaw or both.

The first stage is an initial assessment of your existing teeth, to check your suitability for teeth in a day. Discuss your options at this point – it’s a good time to ask any questions, before you make an informed decision about next steps.

Once your dentist has removed any loose or damaged teeth, they will attach four or six implants surgically to your jawbone in the space left behind.

A temporary bridge over the implants will be replaced by a permanent version a few months later, once the jawbone has integrated with the implants. But there is no further surgery.

So there will be a few more appointments in three to six months following treatment to assess the condition of your mouth. The dentist will take impressions and you’ll have the chance to try out the results before you leave with the smile you’ve always wanted.

How will I benefit?

  • The All on 4 (6) solution retains your jawbone’s structure, which can be affected if you’re missing teeth.
  • You get tailor-made results that are the perfect match for your own gnashers’ colour, size and shape.
  • Same day teeth is painless and involves just one surgical procedure – so it’s ideal for nervous patients.
  • Your final teeth are even stronger than the first fixed set since they’re reinforced with a titanium bar.
Teeth In A Day Teeth In A Day Teeth In A Day

Want to know more?

To understand the teeth in a day process in greater detail, book your initial consultation today – you won’t have to pay a penny for that and there’s no obligation to proceed. Your dentist will talk through your suitability for same day teeth, and discuss how to prepare for it if you do decide to go ahead.

If you’d like to learn more about all-on-4, book your free consultation today – there’s no charge or obligation. Call us on 01256 465764 or email us to make an appointment with one of our dentists in Basingstoke.