What, you mean it’s not too late to get my teeth straightened?

No, it’s not! Contrary to popular belief, age is no barrier to a beautiful smile even if you have been over 18 long enough to have kids who are over 18 too.

Clear braces in Basingstoke are being worn by more and more adults as word spreads that teeth straightening has no age limits.

This is because, although they may feel like they are immovably fixed into the jawbone, your teeth can shift around throughout your entire life. It just takes some pressure to get them to move.

Clear Braces in BasingstokeHow do clear braces in Basingstoke work?

After braces are put on and start pushing or pulling the teeth, it takes around 72 hours for the nerves of the teeth to begin to respond. They tell the bone around the tooth to shift in order to reduce the pressure. The bone in front of the direction of the tooth’s pressure starts to break down, while, at the same time, the bone behind it begins to build up. Thus, the tooth moves very slowly without ever becoming loose in its socket.

What are the benefits of clear braces in Basingstoke?

People experience both physical and mental benefits after their get their teeth straightened.

Physically, the teeth are easier to keep clean. Cleaner teeth develop fewer cavities and infections, which in turn means fewer fillings and extractions.

Mentally, having their teeth straightened has been shown to greatly increase people’s self-confidence. You’ll find you’ve lost that embarrassment that came when you showed your teeth by speaking, laughing or smiling. Also, you’ll find you actually smile more and this act increases serotonin production, and more of this feel-good chemical in the body leads to more smiling: it’s a smiling virtuous circle!

Six Month Smiles is used to straighten the six front teeth with brackets made of tooth-coloured ceramic, and tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wire. Treatment takes from 4-9 months.

Invisalign uses a series of thin transparent acrylic trays that fit over your teeth rather than brackets and wires.

Your dentist can advise you as to which system will work best for your teeth and is best suited to your needs during an initial consultation.