Tooth Decay Crisis for British Kids: What is Causing It?

Tooth decay is one of the serious health issues for children in the UK. As a matter of fact, the 2013 Children’s Dental Health Survey for England, Wales and Northern Ireland revealed that around 46% of 15-year-olds had tooth decay. In addition, about half of eight-year-olds and a third of five-year-olds have dental caries in their milk teeth.

Culprits of Tooth Decay in Kids


tooth decayResearchers noted that the lack of proper diet is the main cause of rising cases of tooth decay in early childhood. Parents give sweets, juices, fizzy drinks and other sugary substances to their kids above the prescribed amounts. That, and the lack of information on proper diet, cause kids to lose their milk teeth early as a result.


Fear of the dentist is another culprit of tooth decay. The National Heat Service noted that one in four people dreaded a visit to the dentist.  Some people miss dental appointments for years due to perceived pain from dental instruments and treatments. Since their teeth lack proper oral care, they become more susceptible to dental caries and other oral diseases.

Differences in income

Researchers blame the high incidence of tooth decay to differences in income as well. Kids from families with lower financial capacities will more likely suffer from tooth decay. The lack of means affects their access to quality dental care.

A survey by Health and Social Care Information Centre revealed that five-year-olds from more deprived families had higher cases of tooth decay (41%) compared to less deprived families (29%).


Among all the causes cited by researchers, they found neglect as the proximate cause. Some parents do not make the effort to know the recommended sugar intake and maintain the oral health of their kids. In fact, some researchers cited that the reason kids nowadays have multiple teeth extractions is because parents delay dental appointments until problems get obviously worse.

Solving the crisis

Realising these issues, dentists encourage parents to supervise oral hygiene and allay their kids’ fears of the dentist early. They should demonstrate or brush the teeth themselves until kids reach age 6-7. In addition, they should give less or no sugary food and drinks to their kids. Dental appointments are strongly encouraged as soon as teeth start to show.

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