Student Life Could be Bad for Teeth

University life may be some of the most memorable years for young adults, but it might also be one of the most dangerous times for your teeth. All the late nights spent at the bars, cafes, and other hangout places could be causing huge dental problems for students, a fellow dentist in Sunderland warns.

All Those Crazy Nights

cosmetic dental practiceLate nights and too much alcohol, caffeine and fizzy drinks that help you stay awake could be ruining your teeth. This, along with the round-the-clock party attitude of young people and their tendency to forego proper dental care, should definitely be a concern not just for the students, but their families, as well.

Dr. Ken Harris, who runs a cosmetic dental practice in Sunderland and Newcastle, explains that young people who are leaving home for the first time to go to uni are inevitably going to embrace a party lifestyle.

When you party or stay up late, dehydration will likely follow, which then reduces saliva production. Not enough saliva, which protects teeth, can put you at risk of acid damage. The energy drinks you take to keep you up, even the sugar-free varieties, have certain amounts of acid in the fizz that can soften the enamel. Brush the teeth at the wrong time and you could be wearing down your teeth quicker.

Health Should Always be a Priority

We understand the concern of Dr. Harris, as we also advocate all our patients—be they adults or young adults, students or professionals—to practise good oral habits. For the problems affecting uni students, we see a two-part solution. First is for parents to raise these issues to their children who may be leaving home for university. Second is that students should never compromise their health for socialising.

A few tips if you simply cannot avoid staying up at night:

–          Wait a few hours after having fizzy or sugary drinks before brushing. Tooth enamel softened by the sugary drinks could be damaged if you brush immediately.

–          Stay hydrated not only for dental, but your overall health. More than saliva production, drinking water after having a fizzy drink can wash down the sugar that bacteria in the mouth feed on.

–          If you are experiencing a killer hangover and you need to vomit, make sure to rinse your mouth with water but do not brush immediately.

–          Do not forget to visit your dentist and always practise good dental habits.

Student life is hard, but that does not mean you should make it hard on your teeth, too. Book an appointment today with us today and keep your teeth healthy and protected.