Bad Breath

You are What You Eat: Your Diet’s Role in Breath Freshness

You may want to look at your diet if you have problems with bad breath.

Despite good dental practices, such as brushing your teeth twice a day, or constant flossing, bad breath can still persist due to your diet. When you eat certain meals with curry, onions or garlic, you might suffer from temporary or permanent bad breath.

Nutrition’s role in affecting breath freshness

bad breathNutrients are biochemical components that food supplies our bodies. Each nutrient provides the body with essential energy or capability to repair tissue and other issues. Most of us do not realise that numerous micronutrients also contribute to the freshness of our breaths.

A person’s overall health, especially his oral health, makes a massive difference between bad breath and how oral tissues respond to treatment. Bacteria can overpopulate and infect the body if oral health is not at its peak and suffers from a weak immune system.

Diet that provokes bad breath

Certain meals, foods and drinks taint your breath for hours, which results in bad breath. For instance, meals with garlic and onion top the list when it comes to causes of halitosis. The sulphur compounds in onions and garlics linger longer in your mouth. The bloodstream absorbs these components and expels them when you exhale.

Coffee and alcoholic drinks also encourage active bacterial growth in your mouth. Their drying effect reduces saliva flow and allows bacteria to linger longer. Apart from coffee and alcoholic beverages, other foods such as dairy products, soda and orange juice trigger bad breath.

Recommended food and drinks for fresher breath

For fresher breath, remember to drink glasses of water to help flush food from the mouth. When you drink water, you eliminate large amounts of bacteria that cause bad breath. It also promotes saliva production, which serves as a cleansing agent.

In addition, fill your diet with fruits and vegetables, especially those rich in vitamin C. Broccoli and red pepper encourage an inhospitable environment for halitosis-causing bacteria. When you eat crunchy vegetables raw, the vegetable serves as a mechanical abrasive that loosens stubborn food particles.

Good diet equates to fresher breath every day. At Bounty Road Dental, we help you battle the negative effects of bad breath. Get in touch with us now and learn your options.