Why Women Lose Teeth When They’re Pregnant

There is a saying that a woman loses a tooth for every child. Whilst this old wives’ tale is something that people nowadays would not accept, it might actually be true. There is a scientific explanation as to why women tend to lose teeth when they are pregnant.

How it happens

pregnant womenOral health experts note that pregnant women have a higher risk of oral health problems like gum disease because of hormonal changes in their bodies. No wonder dentists have what they call pregnancy gingivitis.

The increase of oestrogen and progesterone in your system affects the blood supply to the gum tissues, making them more sensitive. In addition, these lower the body’s response to plaque or calculus (tartar), which makes them susceptible to redness, swelling or bleeding of gums, and eventually tooth loss.

Why it matters

Dental problems during pregnancy are something women cannot ignore. Researchers note that pregnant women with gum disease are at risk of giving birth prematurely or having underweight babies.

Studies even show that periodontal disease may trigger 18 out of every 100 premature births. Premature birth puts babies at risk of different serious conditions, including cerebral palsy, and eyesight and hearing problems.

Healthy gums for a healthy baby

Dentists note that women who have good oral hygiene habits are less likely to suffer dental problems during pregnancy. They suggest regular flossing and brushing of teeth at least twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste.

Good oral hygiene may prevent the incidence of premature birth due to gum disease, as well. A study showed that appropriate dental treatment for the expectant mother might reduce the risk of premature birth by more than 80%.

Dental problems during pregnancy endangers not only mothers but babies, as well. Regular dental appointments and treatments will reduce the risks and keep mothers and babies safe throughout pregnancy. We at Bounty Road Dental Practice can help protect teeth and gums from the onslaught of hormonal fluctuations. We provide a range of dental treatments that will give you a healthy smile to welcome your baby. Contact us for more information about our dental treatments.