Mind Your S’s and Z’s: Lisping as a Dental Problem

Lisps are not detrimental to your health but they can be a problem, especially if you always have to interact with people.

lispingIndividuals with lisps experience the inability to articulate sibilant sounds, which include words with S’s and Z’s. Most lisps occur due to incorrect tongue placement; if the tongue is too forward or placed far back, the escape of air produces a lisping sound whenever a person speaks. Other cases involve a child’s difficulty in pronouncing said sounds, and this may develop into a habit.

On some occasions, people with lisps experience a dental problem that requires immediate attention.

How lisps occur

Most lisping cases occur due to a developmental or psychological issue during childhood. Some children resort to lisping to receive attention and develop the habit of lisping during stressful situations. Lisps also happen due to breathing issues such as asthma and allergies. This leads to protruding tongues, which are culprits behind the lisps.

Lisping: incorrect tongue positioning or dental problem?

Tongue placement depends heavily on the correct positioning and spacing of your teeth.  If the tongue is in its correct positioning but the teeth are too forward, the tongue mimics the teeth’s effect. Your tongue situates far back in your mouth, which causes the lisp.

Another oral issue, Anykloglossia, can also cause struggles with the S’s and Z’s. This condition is a physical deformity with the tongue connected to floor of the mouth. As a result, it limits the tongue’s range of motion.

Other issues that cause lisping include overbites and gaps between the teeth.

What you can do to stop lisping

Dental issues behind lisps are resolvable once the dentist manages to diagnose the causes. For example, Anklyoglossia only requires simple surgery to correct the tongue’s positioning. Dentists also offer easy remedies for lisps due to overbites; over the course of standard orthodontic treatments, patients can enjoy straighter teeth and lisp-free speech.

In some cases, dental mechanisms such as bridges and braces can cause lisps. Orthodontists often make adjustments to the positioning of the bridge or braces to correct the problem.

Perfect yours S’s and Z’s by addressing your dental need immediately. Bounty Road Dental provides the necessary treatment that corrects your lisp and provides a better smile at the same time. Get in touch with us now.